We’re official!!!

We’re facebook official! <3 Haha! I guess this means it’s all legit now 😉 I figured I’d do a FB page as well because let’s face it, sometimes we just need to share something quick and funny without making it a total blog post.

Here’s the link, and I’d love to have you join the FB page as well!


So on another note, our two littles could not be more opposite when it comes to eating (and let’s face it, most everything else as well) so meal time can get interesting.  I know the good old “eat what is put in front of you or don’t eat at all” rule and many times we do go by that, but let’s face it, sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

I finally found something that both kiddos love and it’s actually good for them! Yay! Mom for the win! Well, more like Schwann’s for the win, because that’s where we get it. It’s the steel cut oatmeal with quinoa. It’s soooooo yummy and it has a perfect sweetness to it so y0u don’t even need to add fruit or honey or brown sugar to help it along. It even comes in perfectly portioned frozen pouches so all you have to do is heat it up!


So on a prayer, this is what I served up, and I opted to accept the fact that it seems as though if I let my son (the super picky eater) feed himself and don’t actually suggest or help him eat, he tends to eat whatever it is, I went with it and reminded myself that I have an arsenal of cleaning supplies 😉

Low and behold, success!!!!!


Typically we eat at the dinner table, but on this relaxed Saturday morning, I opted to go the casual route and just set their plates and bowls in front of them, and it worked!!!! My work is done today! Lol!

So I have about 3 mountains of laundry and counting to go tackle. I’m going to insert my coffee IV and try to roll with it! Love and hugs, to y’all and I’m going to try fixing several freezer meals for the crockpot this weekend. I’ll be sure to share! xoxo