Controlling the Chaos

Normally when I say that, I’m speaking of my tiny terrorists…errrrrr I mean my kids 🙂

This time I’m talking about the convoluted mess that is my blog. Lol! Y’all are amazing and I’m thrilled to announce that my incredible talented website guru of a brother is being brought in to do a major overhaul here. I’m even paying him, so you know it’s gonna be good.

If you haven’t already started following me on FB, please do! I say that because FB is one thing I have down. Ha! So if for some reason I lose everything on here, I want to still be in touch with y’all!

Pretty soon you’ll be seeing much more frequent posts from me…this is finally going to become what I wanted it to! Everything from life hacks, random stories and thoughts, foodie fun, a little bit of real estate stuff, but basically, LIFE!


Meanwhile, I’ll just keep chugging the wine until I get this all under control and figure out what the hell I’m feeding the parasites…I mean angels <3 …for dinner 🙂