Monday Funday!!!!

Oh wait…that’s not how it goes? 😛

So no lie, it took me about 10 minutes…literally, 10 minutes at least, to figure out how the heck to even log back in to this thing to make a new post. Lol! Apparently an update cleared out some of the quick links on my search thingamajig and I was left trying to remember how the heck I even got to where my blog was live. Y’all, I warned you that I really have no clue what I’m doing!

I have been running around like crazy the last few weeks, getting all my ducks in a row with daily household stuff, taking real estate license courses, working on little projects here and there, dealing with some sick kiddos, and trying to maintain some level of sanity. (yeah…so about that last part…not so sure we’ve been successful!)

I mentioned that you’ll see recipes from me here and there, and I’m happy to report back that a new one we tried definitely made the cut, so next time it is on the menu, you will see the recipe along with the inevitable food photos. I’m a pictures kind of gal…if I can’t see what it’s supposed to look like, then I’m probably not going to make it. One of my favorite gifts is a cookbook that has photos of EVERYTHING! I love it!

You know I commented that I’ve been running like crazy lately, and of course, it is in the midst of chaos that I choose to do random tasks, such as clean out, sort through, and organize the strangest things. Well, last week it was my stash of camisoles/tank tops. Y’all….I think I need an intervention. It’s ridiculous. My only justification is that I wear one under darn near everything. True story.


Check those bad boys out! That is almost all of them. I believe I was wearing one at the time, and may have had a few in the laundry. This is totally a first world “problem” and I know it’s ridiculous, but at least I know it! Apparently I have a minor obsession with camis/tanks.

Okay, I just have to tell y’all, I’m currently typing this while hanging out in bed. I’ve got my darling husband snoring like a freight train in my left ear and my toddlers snoring and talking in their sleep, in my right ear through the baby monitor. It’s so bad that it’s comical!

Back to more randomness….I have to admit, I have a few entertaining (and maybe slightly embarrassing) guilty pleasures. I mean, who doesn’t, right? I think it’s more a matter of whether or not you’re willing to admit to them 😉 I’m just gonna say it…there are a few Justin Bieber songs. Sorry, not sorry! The other things that I love but can’t really admit a whole lot or share, are the really funny and sometimes wildly inappropriate ecards or memes on FB! I mean, c’mon! Some of them are hysterical!!!! Problem is, I have my teenage bonus daughter on FB who I do my best to always lead by example (especially in regards to technology and social media), and a business that I use FB for quite often, so I try to be extra mindful of what I’m saying and sharing on there. The problem with all that is that I’ve got a sometimes dirty sense of humor and from time to time I have the vocabulary of a well-educated sailor 😉 But if you must know, the photos section of my phone has quite a few random, hilarious things saved in it that I will likely never share, but they’re there for my own personal enjoyment and giggles 😉 Below, I’ve posted a recent personal fav for your enjoyment. I’ll leave you with that and tell y’all that I hope you have an amazing week! xoxo


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